Welcome in Decorah

A wedding resource for ALL couples.

Why Decorah?

There's just something about our valley, framed by the curve of the Upper Iowa River and gentle bluffs. It's lovely! 

We have many artists (like Elisabeth Maurland for one) musicians and generally creative  people. There's the ArtHaus and Luther College, and the Norwegian-American Vesterheim Museum. Many people know about Decorah because of the famous Seed Savers Exchange (yep, that's here too). There's a new paved bike trail that circles Decorah, a nice addition to the many miles of off-road biking and hiking. Winneshiek County is home to many organic farms, and you can find sustainably-raised meat of every variety. The Oneota Community Co-op is larger than co-ops in cities ten times our size and specializes in locally grown products.  Our town is gay-friendly and we look forward to welcoming you for your straight, gay or lesbian wedding. To learn even more about Decorah, check out the Decorah Area tourism website. They even have a wedding-specific page, located right here.

Visit some of our friends' endeavors for a taste of Decorah...like Inspire(d) Media or FM 100.5, or our own community radio, KPVL. Or better yet, come check us out...contact us for details.