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Okay, so by now you might be thinking...this website makes Decorah sound amazing. But is it really a good place for gay and lesbian weddings?

That's where I come in—I'd love to have a conversation with you about your wedding plans.  I can help point you in specific directions, answer questions and provide some advice. Better yet, why not take a day off and drive down to see for yourself? If I'm available, I'll be glad to meet you for a cup of coffee and talk. And yes, it's free! Welcome to small town hospitality. We really do love our town and think you will too.
You are welcome in Decorah—and that goes for straight couples too!

Please take time to look over the background information on the Marriage in Iowa page--I'm unable to provide general information about the implications of marriage. But once you've done your research, I'm happy to answer specific questions you have about Decorah.


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CONTACT: If you have specific questions about your plans, you are welcome to email me amalia@welcomeindecorah.com.