Welcome in Decorah

A wedding resource for ALL couples.

About Us

This site was created by a group of gay and straight friends who want to share our beautiful community with couples seeking to marry.

  • Nathan Dirks, Web Development
  • AJ Perling, Graphic Design
  • Rachel Vagts, Architectural Design
  • Amalia Vagts, Founder & President

We've met personally with each listed business on this site and they've stated that you will be very welcome at their place of business.

PLEASE NOTE:  While we have worked very hard to do lots of legwork for you, we cannot guarantee your wedding will be perfect. So, our legal counsel has encouraged us to note on this site that we cannot be held responsible for your satisfaction with your wedding, or with the behavior of every person in Decorah.  Thank you for understanding.

If a business is not listed, it does not necessarily mean they are unwelcoming; it may be we just haven’t spoken with them.  If you are a local Winneshiek County business seeking to be listed on Welcome in Decorah, please contact us at: info@welcomeindecorah.com.

We'd like to give a special thank you to Silver Moon Photography and David Cavagnaro for donating many of the beautiful photos you see on the site.